Friday, 11 February 2011

UP dress sewalong

I agreed to do the UP dress sewalong with Ali from Wardrobe Reimagined, and Ms Quietandsmalladventures back at the end of last summer. We all had delays in receiving our patterns so finally this week we started it. One of my many obsessions is the idea of uniform, and having an everyday dress. The Uniform dress can be worn backwards or forwards and has a detachable collar. I am planning to make several different collars to use with my dress. It looks really complicated but I am hoping that by breaking it down into small steps it won't be as tricky as it seems.

If you want to know more about the Uniform Project, Ali posted a video or here is the website for the Uniform Project.

The pattern comes on one huge sheet of paper, causing slight panic in my mind. After much thought I decided to trace the pieces just in case I need to alter sizing, and also so the pattern can be re-used by someone a different size. I also decided to do a muslin of the main body of the dress to check size and fit. I started tracing on sunday and still haven't quite finish. My struggle at the moment is where to put all these pieces of paper! I have roughly cut out each pattern piece and labelled it before tracing, then refolded I am currently stashing them in the cardboard envelope the pattern was posted in. Each traced piece is going in a see through zip lock bag.

Ali has posted about her trouble choosing a fabric. I too have ummmed and aahhed over this. I decided I would go and buy some fabric, yes, from a real life fabric shop.

The original UP dress is black and made from a cotton and silk mixture. I was not sure about making it in black so I opted for a grey instead. Still neutral but not so severe. And I hope it will go with lots of cardigans, boots, tights etc in my wardrobe. However, the grey I chose has a faint blue stripe...once I got home I thought **** stripes and princess seams....yikes. I then kept thinking about going back and buying the dark indigo fabric I saw there, but I don't have that much money to spend and I think I am going to try and cut out the grey fabric and work with what I have got.

I am unusually for me making a muslin first to check the fit and sizing. More on this next week.


  1. I am so interested in following you on this. I too like the idea of uniform. I think your ideas for lots of collars is great. This takes some courage & commitment!! xx

  2. Really looking forward to seeing your the idea of having lots of different collars xxx

  3. The last time I looked at the UP there were no patterns available and no date in sight for new ones. I thought you and Ali must have had the last ones there were ever going to be! I'll pop over there now and have another look.

    Grey sounds good for combining with other layers and try not to worry too much about the stripes! RTW isn't well matched and no-one throws hissy fits about it!

  4. Exciting! I am fascinated by the idea of the UP dress, but worried it was too young-looking for me. I look forward to seeing how it works out for you - you can always make anoher in indogo if it is a winner!

  5. I love the idea of multiple collars! And looking forward to your fabric. I think I've decided on gray too!

  6. Thanks for the comments. Roobeedoo, I think I may well lengthen the hem a little in deference to my advanced years! (and knobbly knees) I am looking forward to seeing how what seems to be a hip, urban dress translates to my not-so-hip and very un-urban life. From New York to Shropshire...