Saturday, 12 February 2011

UP dress fabric and Me Made March

Thank you for the comments about the UP dress sewalong. It is very nice to have support and interest. This is my first sewalong...I am hoping it will keep me on track and mean I finish the dress.

Here is the picture of the UP fabric. It is a wool/poly mix, machine washable and quite lightweight. I am hoping to make the facing/lining from some pink lining fabric I have in my stash. I just need to crawl under the bed to drag out the storage box and check if I have enough.

The UP dress sewalong has been set up with the hope we will finish our dresses in time for at least part of Me-Made March. Which leads me on to the fact that I am taking part in Me-Made-March organised by the amazing Zoe. Here is the pledge,

I, Debbie, sign up as a participant inMe Made March '11. I shall endeavour to wear two me-made or refashioned items each day for the duration of March.

I have tried to set more of a challenge by having two items - maybe somedays I may manage more. I know where I am lacking me-made clothes though is jackets (none), and trousers (1 pair). I am also a massive, daily cardigan wearer and have no me-made cardigans...thoguh I do have one size 18 woollen beauty awaiting a refashion.
My sewing box

If you are not familiar with Me-Made -March you can go over and have a look at Zoe's blog, and you can still see the May and September Flickr groups too. The discussions on the flickr group are good too, and I would recomment signing up to flickr if you want to participate more fully.

Here is a bit about my very own Self Stitched September from this blog.

Having taken part in Me-Made-May and Self-Stitched-September, I recommend joining in this project. I met new friends, gained a lot of inspiration from the outfits of other participants and taking my own photo each day was a whole learning experience of its own! I also liked being challenged to make the most of my exisintg wardrobe of me-made clothes, and to get myself out of my jeans-wearing rut. You don't have to do a daily blog about it, or a daily flickr post, the beauty of this challenge is the way you can adapt it to your own situation. March is an interesting month weatherwise in the UK - so well, we will see how I get on.


  1. Yay! I'm also looking forward to MMMar 11. I wished I could wear entire outfits, but am nowhere near that accomplished or prepared. Two items is a good level to raise the bar to. I also agree with you about the daily photo-taking - a challenge in itself!! Have a good weekend x

  2. I'm looking forward to MMMarch, too! I didn't do very well in SSS10, mainly because of a lack of seasonally appropriate self stitched clothing.

    I'm delighted to have you on board for the Thrifty365 Pledge!

  3. I am ambivalent about MMM - on the one hand I enjoyed SSS and it really made me think about the practicality of what I sew; but on the other, I don't know if I am up to the pressure in such a cold month!

  4. I'm looking forward to MMMar11 too. I'm only going to do 1 item a day for my first go. Have a great week xxx