Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cardigan refashion and first day of M-M March

Me Made March Day 1 - Anna Tunic from Amy Butler made in grey wool mix suiting and with added patch pockets. Refashioned yellow cardie and unseen but underneath the tunic is my grey Nora t shirt.
Yellow and grey is a new favourite colour combination.

In the cardigan refashion I was inspired by this Michaeline cardigan from Kate Spade I found the UK size 18 wool cardigan in a charity shop in December and finally got around to refashioning it last week. I looked at Sigrid's refashioned t shirt project and cut up the seams. I got a bit carried away and think I cut up too many seams! I used an existing favourite cardigan to give me an idea of size and drew sewing lines with french chalk.
The Michaeline cardigan has a sweet asymmetric bow detail on the neck. I made a bow from the cardigan scraps. As I am an indecisive and changeable person I made the bow into a brooch so I wouldn't have to wear it always.

The first bow (pictured on the wicker background) I made was a bit big and looked like a comedy bow tie once I put it on the cardigan, so I made a smaller one.
The picture below shows the size difference.

I am happy with this cardigan except for the fact that it is quite see through and when I were my stripey t shirt underneath all the stripes show though!


  1. Debbie - cute first day outfit (3 me mades!)What's not to love with grey & yellow? (Kind of springlike too). Love the tunic & what a sweet refashioned cardi.

  2. Gorgeous! And I am looooooving grey and yellow recently too -- great minds! That cardigan is fantastic, the asymmetric bow is a perfect detail. (Also, love seeing smiling you in the photos :-)!) Can't wait to see the rest of your MMM outfits!

  3. I love the combo and those little (and big) bows are so cute (dont tell anyone but I have a cardigan fetish and have been looking for one in yelow....). Nice work!

  4. Thank you - grey and yellow, kind of spring but not too pastelly. Luna - I think I must have a cardigan fetish too, they are my cannot-dress- without-item. I am on the look out always for red ones! Jessica - the taking photo part of these me-made months is a struggle for me. I have no corner of my house that is tidy or clutter free at the moment and I have Issues with my face (which I really do not want to pass onto my kids, a whole other blog post due here I think). So this is kind of good free therapy for me, he he.

  5. Ditto the gray-yellow combo love and you know I love love Kate Spade at the moment and I'm thinking of a similar refashion myself! The bow just adds that lovely extra touch.

    I think I've finally figured out the muslin and am actually psyched for the UP LBD dress and have to just buy the fashion fabric. The instructions feel off to me (the facing doesn't hide the shoulder seam on the inside, as far as I can tell), I'd love to know what you've found with it.