Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Me made march day 2 and a birthday

There's lots of chocolate cake left over. Sorry I cannot offer it via Internet. cannot have a birthday without jellies

The boots - missed out of the main photo. My every day boots, love 'em.

Ahhh, that first cup of coffee....

I am not sure how long I will manage to keep up daily postings - not long I expect. This is my black sack, sorry shift, dress from the Built By Wendy Dresses book. I have come to like this dress as an everyday dress. Today I decided to try it with a belt as it is quite roomy and can give me that "Is she, isn't she?" pregnant look. (No I am not!) I have a few charity shop belts and need a bit of a kick to wear them. Could March also be Accessories month?

The helium balloon in the photos is left over from T's 8th birthday which was on Monday (hence the jellies). I cannot believe he is eight. My Mother in Law loves these balloons and buys several every birthday. I HATE THEM. I fall over them. We already have enough crap to trip over in this house. But the kids like them. I just think they will end up in landfill, choking some small animals. They seem so pointless. Am I a killjoy? BUT surprisingly my M.I.L. has offered to have them back after a suitable time period, she will deflate them and store them as she has...wait for it...a helium cannister to refill them on birthdays. Seriously, this woman has everything.

Any thoughts on helium balloons?


  1. Sorry, I'm laughing thinking about your MIL in a basement with a tank of helium and stacks and stacks of stored unwanted un-inflated balloons!

    Nice belt! I am not an accessory person unless you count bags...

  2. Yoke love! It's great to see "le sac dress" - looks very good.
    Happy Birthday T & am very impressed with your MIL's sustainable ballooning - better than a trip to Clinton's each year!!!

    And yes please on the link to Refash Coop - I can see it being ages before I get close to doing it!

  3. Balloons are cool in theory, I love the memories I have of getting them as a kid, and now and then I have to admit I do hanker for one for a high end fashion shot (that's never going to happen)...but they are rubbish when they start to deflate.

    The sack dress looks good, perhaps a renaming is in order?

  4. i've got a bit of a hate for balloons too...they always seem to be the cause of major arguments between my 3 whenever we have them in the house...grrr - i usually pop them when they go to bed!?!?! - is that a bit mean?????

    love the belt around your dress - yes, maybe March could be accessories month! XXX

  5. Parasombra - you made me get the giggles. Caroline, I am glad it's not just me who has stuck pins in balloons when kids are asleep.