Monday, 14 March 2011

13th March

I just think ooooowwwwwww looking at this corset. Old sewing machines on display.

Memade Amy Butler Anna tunic with added patch pockets, over me made Nora t shirt. Looking at it I think maybe a bit too short.
I took T and Little I to a design and engineering museum this morning. Trying to get a shot balancing the camera on a bench was tricky, a headless one is the best of the bunch! They were very excited to be there. It is the sort of museum with lots of buttons to push and things to do. They spent most time at the water/hydro electricity display. You can stick your hands in the water and not get told off, though best not to drink it. I feel like my head is swivel mode from trying to watch both of them, careering off in opposite directions. Luckily it is a fairly small space with only one exit.


  1. What a great place ! I laughed at the headless photo, being victim to many such acts of malice by the self timer! I don't think the dress is too short, "you've got the legs for it darlin'!" & it's a fab dress.

  2. No just the right length :). Great pattern - wish I could sew too!

  3. I agree with everyone else - just the right length. I've been loving your Me Made March posts.

  4. Thank you. I think it seemd short as I was wearing leggings underneath that are crappy and were saggy. I was worried the sag would start to show!