Friday, 4 March 2011

4th March

4th March - I refashioned this shirt from the XL polo shirt pictured above. I found the shirt on tuesday when I took a bagful of donations to the charity shop. I liked the colour of the shirt, it's a deep red.
I cut the shirt using the Sew U Home Stretch T shirt front and back pattern pieces as a size guide. I cut out the sleeves and ran a gathering stitch along the top before putting them back in as slightly puffed sleeves.

I added lace, changed the buttons and sewed the front neck piece back in as a yoke. It still needs a bit of tweaking as the front neck comes a bit too high for my liking.

The skirt is one I made in December, using the Sew U skirt pattern, I sewed the facing onto the outside and added bias binding and two tabs with buttons. I had originally hemmed it very badly and lumpily so last weekend I re-hemmed it using some grosgrain ribbon, with a much smoother result.
At the time of making, I didn't put in any pockets as I thought it would spoil the line of the skirt. I wish now I had and am considering unpicking the side seam o fthis skirt and the sack dress to put in pockets. I love pockets!


  1. Lovely shirt refashion, I really like the lace detail. Also, I love the contrast trim and buttons on your skirt!:)

  2. you are such a clever sausage! - who'd have thought a red polo shirt could look so fab - love that you took the sleves out and made them a little 'puffy' before you sewed them back in - sooooooo clever xxx

  3. I know what you mean about pockets and I do love that skirt.

  4. Oh, how I love the outfit - extremely clever refashioning- where will you stop? You see potential in everything it seems! I also REALLY like the skirt. Did you make the felt flowers as well Hope so - you could tell me how :-)

  5. Aaahh - thank you guys. I loves me a bit of praise. The trouble with this refashioning business is it is stopping me from getting on with the Uniform Project dress which still is waiting to be cut out. It's the lure of the quick result refashion. Scruffybadger, Sorry to say I didn't make those flowers. They were a birthday present from one of my brothers, I only know that he bought them in Falmouth. I think they are made from handmade felt as they are quite thick. The stems are wired. Do you like my honesty? Maybe I should have pretended to have made them.

  6. nifty refashion! I also love a little puff sleeve, it seems like it adds just a bit of elegance to a simple shirt (like your lace :)