Wednesday, 9 March 2011

8th March

8th March - Mad March Hare jumping. Me Made T shirt (Sew U Home Stretch), Me Made Tate skirt, refashioned cardigan.

See what Me Made March is doing to me? After dropping T at school I stopped the car in a country lane and set the camera on the roof. Little I watched in amusement as I jumped up and down. Partly I was just excited by the lovely sunny days we are currently having.
I also discovered an extra bonus of the pockets in this cardigan - I can fit two hen's eggs in each pocket when collecting eggs.


  1. hooray - you're very own egg collecting cardy!! love it - i must say i am in awe of you doing the me-made-march thing - really inspired to maybe join in the self-stitched-september with you all XX

  2. Love this outfit and great photos :) xx

  3. wednesday morning....looking forward to what outfit today brings!! XX

  4. Thanks for comments. Caroline it would be great if you joined in September...maybe even May? Thanks Alex. I loved your outdoor photo by the water on Flickr.