Thursday, 10 March 2011

10th March

Me Made 3835 top made from a duvet cover and dyed grey, originally blogged here., Me Made Nora tee from Ottobre magazine worn underneath as a vest. My friend Emma's old jeans (thank you Emma xx).

Thursday mornings are "Tots tennis" with Little I so I need to wear something I can run around the sports hall in and comfortably sit down without showing my knickers. This is a community tennis programme where we only pay £1 each week. Isn't that a bargain? I hope it won't be cut in the current climate of funding cuts. Little I is quite a sporty girl and likes going to tennis. Sometimes she even manages to hit the ball. Cue great excitement and high fives.

I am very tired at the moment. Reasons why? After christmas flu, I have had three colds. Most recently one caught from Mr Minnado.

  • Little I is finally sleeping better. (She has always woken at least four times a night since being a baby, even now she is almost four years old). But recently I stopped going to her at night simply because I was so exhausted. I just had to do something to improve her sleep patterns and this seems to be improving things. She goes back to sleep by herself much quicker. Sometimes I can't get back to sleep. She still gets up at about 5.30 - 6am - this is good as she used to want to get up at 4.00am - 5.00am. If she sleeps in till 6.00 or 6.30 you can guarantee her brother will get up at 5.00, but at least he can go and read in bed.

  • I was awake for no reason between 12 and 1 am this morning. Little I had woken me with shouting in her sleep "No, Michah, stop it" (one of her preschool compadres). She didn't wake but I did.

So does anyone have any tips for getting some energy? I have started trying to eat more healthily (I am vegetarian). I have read some articles recently about raw food diets and how after a few days of feeling crap you suddenly feel great, have loads of energy and lose inches round the waist! I don't really have time to do completely different diets for me and the rest of the family. I have been trying to eat more raw food, more seeds and nuts. But I have to confess that all fell by the way side in half term when we went to visit my mum.

Anyway, I need some help: Should I be eating raw food, no dairy, more dairy, less bread, more bread, taking supplements. Should I do less or should I exercise more?? Should I give up coffee (NOOOOOOO...) I did make to the gym one day last week and I did feel better for 24 hours afterwards. I have to confess I find the actual gym a bit boring though. This is a commuity run gym for women only and is only on a friday afternoon and a monday morning. It is a bit of a squeeze timewise to get to, I have to leave Little I at preschool, go to gym for 45 minutes then leave with just enough time to change and get to pick T up from school. I am not certain if this is a good thing to keep doing as I hate all the rushing to get around everything. Bonus of this gym is that it is affordable. But I am tempted to just use my spare hour on fridays to do some sewing!

To finish off this post, I keep failing to get my shoes in photos so here they are, tah-dah, knackered converses.


  1. I have been trying to eat more heathily, i have no energy either...i have been trying to do more exercise too, i really hate going to the gym so i have been hula hooping tricks me into thinking its not exercise because its fun and i have to concentrate on keeping the hoop up...i can hardly move the next day though! xxx

  2. Tricky one! I think most of us know what to do/eat/exercise, but have a hard time implementing it into our daily routines. I am lucky, and have a job where I get all the exercise that I need, but I do know that the weeks where my meals are thought through, I have much more energy than those weeks I forget all about it and just eat rubbish.

    Which tells me that a good and balanced life with exercise and diverse, healthy food is the way to go. It´s just so hard to actually pull it off all the time!

    My only advice is to eat lots of garlic, chili and ginger and berries to build your immune system. But you probably knew that already...:-)

    Good luck on finding a balance!

  3. Another good looking outfit! Energy levels - no wonder you're tired if you're not getting a full night's sleep - I don't know how you keep it going! However, even though I don't have sleep interruptions I know what you mean, especially being veggie - it does sometimes make me wonder whether I have depleted reserves of some mineral or something & not found the "right" food to replenish it. I was really lethargic & needed a boost, & realised it was because although eating well, it was mainly canned veg & pulses, lacking real fresh stuff (end of month - waiting for payday!). So I just stocked up on fresh fruit & greens. You know I run- that helps my energy as long as I beat my pysche to get out there in the first place. I found that blueberries & honey in my porridge was a fab start to the day (adding walnuts was also meant to bring added goodness). In the summer I'll probably have smoothies for brekkie with oats in to keep me going. Hope you find the magic remedy. By the way - my eyes scanned to the right to your tag cloud & it made me laugh to see "shameless hoarding" - you funny gal you! Love it!

  4. Debbie, I've enjoyed your me-made outfits! Have you seen the new Built by Wendy book?? Coats and jackets, love. I have such a short attention span when it comes to sewing -- on to the next thing!

    Waking four times a night? My goodness, you're a trooper. (Good) Mothers are the great soldiers of existence, in my opinion. I echo what folks say about diet. Though I don't limit myself (and I love fried things!) I do try and eat enough whole grains so I've got energy throughout the day (and less of the highs and lows with eating lots of sugar) and enough stuff with iron (I've heard it's specifically important for women).

    Anyway, the reason I wanted to comment is to say how much I hate the gym and totally understand why you find it boring. I don't know how it is in the UK, but there seems to be a fetishization (sp?) about going to the gym as a way to be fit, when I personally think it's the worse thing I could do. I'm bored, I lose money cause I don't go etc. I'd prefer to get more exercising in my daily life is possible, i.e. walking rather than driving, taking long walks, etc. The more I can integrate it into my life, the more I'm likely to do it. And it's no cardio, but I'll survive somehow.

    Whew, long comment. Weight's been a real issue in my family (from surgery to eating disorders) so I'm passionate about lifestyle changes that provide balance. I'm a bit out of balance now too (laziness from the weather!). But I wholeheartedly support some you-time -- does your gym have a steam room where you can pamper yourself and relax? :)

  5. Nice look today; you have jeans with their original hems!

    For green stuff, do you like green smoothies? Banana, spinach, apple, ginger, a bit of water and a good whizz in the blender is tasty. Or add some spinach at the last minute to scrambled eggs and spring onions.

    2 Brazil nuts a day help you get some selenuim which is good for your thyroid and vitamin B12 helps you throw off the brain fog a bit too. Berries, nuts and seeds are easy to snack on and keep you away from easy carby stuff that just leaves you bouncing from sugar to dip and back to sugar. Caffeine does this too so weaning off the coffee a little but might help.

    It will take a while to get back into a good sleep pattern when you've been so disrupted but I hope you start to feel perkier as the weather perks up too. How is Little I feeling now she's sleeping better? The little people bounce around regardless, don't they?!