Friday, 4 March 2011

3rd March

Me-made top from Simplicity 3835, originally blogged here.
A strange top in a way as it has such strong horizontal lines in the pattern and these can make me look quite wide.
I struggled to get dressed today and the first me-made shirt I put on had a huge grease stain right in the centre front.
I had a fringe cut before Christmas and think I need to go and get it re cut with more fringe. The hairdresser made it a bit too wispy and half hearted and I keep adding to it with nail scissors...probably not a good idea. It is currently kind of half a fringe. I need more fringe to hide the wrinkles.


  1. The plaid top is great. What wrinkles ???

  2. Agree with Sigrid - you are too young for wrinkles! And the top's nice as well. By the way - like your fringe - couldn't quite place what had changed (as it's not like we see each other much!)but knew there was something!

  3. so...i'm not the only one who is a self fringe-cutter!!!! - my hair is quite curly, and i straighten my fringe to cut it (usually wonky) and when it's wet it curls up like a roller blind!!! - beware asking the hairdresser for a full fringe...i made this mistake once and i felt like i had a middle of the head comb-forward for a while!!!!
    oh and i love the top too!! it looks like the kind of top you could dress up with black trousers, a black or yellow cardy and maybe a chunky necklace or wear it casual with jeans too...very versitile XXX

  4. Am constantly threatening myself with a fringe..but they are so much maintanence right? But then so is botox....... :)
    PS top is great!