Tuesday, 15 March 2011

14th March

Nautical necklace from Tatty Devine via Lovely Sarah
14th March. Gone nautical - me made t shirt, me made Tate skirt from Sew Hip Magazine very old H&M red cardigan.

I would like to wear this outfit with some bright pillar box tights but haven't found any yet. Shopping tips?

Last night - 6pm we went to fly the kite until we got too cold. T is jumping up and down below the kite to try and catch it.
Finally if you are able to access radio 4, go and listen again to today's Woman's Hour, they had a great piece about the 70th birthday of polyester. There is a great interview conveying the excitement of second hand clothes shopping. The following discussion includes the chilling thought that polyester will not biodegrade. And the timely reminder that the only way to tackle waster in clothing is to change the way we think about shopping and disposable fashion.


  1. Got some lovely pillar box red tights with ribbing from M&S but Accessorize usually do good block colour tights.

    Scary scary thought about polyester! Eeep!

  2. Love this outfit! I got my red tights from M&S they also had some in Dorothy Perkins a couple of weeks ago and Peacocks xxx

  3. Love the necklace, and thanks for the tip about the radio program!