Monday, 19 July 2010

Finished Tate Skirt

Finally I finished one of my Summer Essentials Sewalong projects. A denim skirt made from a pattern in last summer's (2009) Sew Hip magazine. As you can see from the magazine image the skirt was a bit shorter on the model but I wanted mine to be just below knee length - her skirt also looks a bit tighter than mine. I like the way it turned out as it is a skirt that I can wear and still chase after a three year old in! The instructions were clear and easy to follow though I did sew two bits together the wrong way round and have to get out the unpicker. The skirt has a front apron style pocket, lined with red polka dot farbic and red buttons. (I do like a bit of red). I tried it on with my t shirt tucked in to show off the buttons and the shape but felt a bit uncomfortable. It made me realise how much I tend to cover my stomach most days (just my own hangup here). The higher waisted skirt also then made me consider my torso and the old short waisted dilemma as described so well by Ali. It just looks wrong to me in the above photo and brings back alarming memories of my A level English teacher who always wore shirts tucked into her tweed skirts and who would bark at us about John Donne and Chaucer. (Eek, quick, stop thinking about that. Actually , I have to tell you that I saw that teacher last summer when I visiting my mum. We were at the local shops when I saw her and guess what really mature thing I did? I hid behind a postbox till she was gone and I made my son hide too.)

Anyway....back to skirt, I think I need to do some experimentation with different tops on this tucking in lark. I couldn't help but think of Tweedledum and Tweedledee when I looked at my picture and they are not really my number one style icons. I ended up wearing it with t-shirt out - the good thing though was that the higher waist means I can wear my shorter t shirts that I cannot wear with skirts that sit on the hip.


  1. Cute skirt.I have to say I kind of like it with the red top tucked into it, but ofcourse you should pick a combination that makes you feel the most comfortable. And the green cardigan looks great with it too! I love the red buttons and fabric, those kind of details make a garment I think.

  2. Thank you for the kind comment. I think the tucked in top is something I need to get used to! I agree with you about little details - they are a great thing about making your own clothes.