Monday, 12 July 2010

Seventies Sewing Books

On Sunday afternoon, we went to a summer fete at a National Trust house. The top picture shows the entrance - to what was an upper middle class Edwardian villa. One day I will go there without my kids so I can look inside - apparently the last member of the family who owned it was a famous embroiderer - so I wonder if some of her work is on display. Also nothing inside the house was altered from Edwardian times. Many of the houses of this type have been converted into flats or demolished so this one is like a little time capsule.
One thing I love about National Trust houses is they often have second hand book shops. These are often found in an outbuilding, unstaffed, organised by volunteers and have an honesty box for payments. They are also a good source for second hand crafting books. I found this one for children from 1973. I loved the illustration style. Check the great outfit you could make for your friend! Or an apron
Then I also bought this crafting book also from 1973. It originally would have had a pattern sheet inside it which unfortunately is missing...I liked the look of these wide legged trousers either full length or cropped, very summer essentials.

It also has knitting and crotcheting patterns in it - which are in the book. But the things that I bought it for are these projects for children - I would love to have a go at making a playtent. Little I recently fell in love with one in Laura Ashley which costs...wait for...steady yourself...£200! (For a tent....eeek! It is a highly embroidered tent, but still £200! I feel a rant coming on) The tent pattern is in the book, as is a pattern for these cushions which I can see being popular in my house.

See how you can lie down on these cushions or sit up, love that. So now I am adding these to my ever growing list of things to make.

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  1. O wow! I have just found your blog through Ali's reference to you in the Wardrobe Reimagined, & was interested to have a deeper look. I had to comment when I saw "My First Sewing Book". I had this book when I was little & SO wanted to make the outfit with the sun top & the skirt (but didn't :-( ). I'd be really interested in what else it contains ... I have faint memories of a knitting needle case, some fabric slippers ... but my memory is not the best. Thank you for jogging early sewing happy times memories!!!