Tuesday, 15 March 2011

15th March

March 15th - Me made Nora T shirt under Simplicity 3835 top.

This top was originally longer. Last summer I saw some pics of me wearing it that a friend took and decided it was too maternity-tent-like at that length so I shortened it. It is quilting weight cotton so it doesn't drape as well as a lighter weight. The top is made from Amy Butler fabric and the grey flowers in it have faded a lot. I don't know if this is my washing powder and wonder if anyone else has experienced this with Amy Butler fabric? My washing powder was just supermarket non bio.

I woke up this morning with one gummed up infected eye. Yuck. During March so far I have tended to do my hair and put on make up more often. Now no more eye makeup for me due to the red itchy eye. I feel like I am 14 again back in school with conjunctivitis from when we would borrow each others' eye liner and draw inside the eye lids.
Sewingwise I am working on the Uniform Project dress and have been making stupid errors such as sewing the shoulders on the wrong side. I am getting very well acquainted with my stitch unpicker. I am longing to do some quick projects but am trying to concentrate on getting this dress done with much muttering and talking to myself.


  1. I like the length sleeves of the top and I love the long cardi with pockets.

    A rosemary tea can be good for a sticky eye if you have any in the garden.

    My word recognition is germo!

  2. I love this top...i'm going to cut mine out tomorrow :) Hope your eye gets better soon xx