Sunday, 10 April 2011

2245 in action

I wore it, I was happy all day. I had a postcard, car keys, phone, and lego in the pockets though not all at the same time. It survived Little I's painting session, making cakes, nursery, running around to do errands.

Wearing smock type dresses is something to get used to, no waist bands is different. Could I fit a cushion up this dress? Probably.

I made it just about hitting the knee as I like my skirts that length if I am going to wear them with my little bare white legs out in the summer. On this occasion I wore it with leggings as it was not quite warm enough for me to brave bare legs.


  1. Very cute look with the leggings too! You are so lucky to be going into summer. Getting frosty here and I am just not ready!

  2. Looks super comfy and versatile, and those pockets are to die for!

  3. I agree - it looks like it's going to be one of those stylish & practical "go to" dresses with a wonderful yoke! The length you've made it, gives scope to wear a belt also if you wanted a different look.

  4. Thank you for lovely comments. I hadn't thought of a belt with it,
    Luna, keep warm!

  5. I wrote a comment and scrubbed it because looking at this dress made me all nostalgic for being an "at home mum" of small children... and I am way past that stage now! But I have come back to say: I love it! And I have got over myself now and might have to buy the pattern cos it's half price at Jaycott's! ;)