Tuesday, 21 June 2011

More MMJ - 18, 19, 20 and 21

The days just seem to go by so fast with MMJ posts to catch up with. Thank you to those of you who commented with your thoughts on MMJ and blog posts. It was fascinating to read them.

Day 18
Up and out early to take Little I and T to tennis club. This will be funny to anyone who knows me in real life as I am a very unsporty person with great uncoordination and yet here I am - tennis mum. Who would have thought it?

In the afternoon it was T's school summer fete and funny weather. I wore Simplicity 2259 - this was the first one I made and I wear it a lot. It is quite a light fine cotton. As it was chilly I wore charity shop gap jeans and boots. I needed to wear something with lots of pockets for holding the kid's coins at the fete. The fete was good fun the bouncy castle was bouncy, the cake stall was full of fairy cakes with sprinkles on top, and I found a great bargain of a set of wooden painted coat pegs on a board for 20p. I will be putting it up in our new house to encourage coat hanging up.

Day 19 - Sunday

This is the only day of the week when I don't have to get up and be somewhere early! I was so tired. I snuck back into bed three times but Little I and T kept finding me. Honestly - these children - I mean they wanting feeding and everything!

I wore a stripey pink and white t shirt made using the Sew U Homestretch

t shirt pattern. I gave this shirt a scoop neck and three quarter length sleeves. I don't think it is particularly flattering on me but it is comfy and good under other things! However, I thought it would look nice with this

old pink cardigan and the photos showed me it looks not so great! The t shirt sleeve bunches up under the cardigan. Bleurgh.

Day 20

Not a great photo to show detail of my top. But look I am shockingly out of my house! It is an Amy Butler Anna Tunic. This was the first Anna tunic I made and the neckline is a bit high. I have made two more since then and have lowered the neckline on them both.

Here is an old photo showing the tunic slightly better. I love this pattern. It is really easy to follow and can be made to different lengths to give different results. I didn't line this tunic as per the instructions but just bias bound the armholes instead.

Day 21

Me Made Simplicity 2259 floral top and Me Made skirt from Built by Wendy
I hope this outfit would in magazinespeak be subtle muted neutrals, not dull and boring.

Little I was determined to join in. Please note the shoes...they are ebay Keds bought at easter but I hadn't blogged them yet. They are quite comfortable, with a quilted inner sole and have lovely spotty trim and spotty wedges. And even better they were only £5! They have hardly been worn. I love them as I like wedges, and I like spots. I tend to fall over in heels. (Even without any alcohol)


  1. Love simplicity 2259 and those shoes are fantastic! I remember trying to sneak back to bed when J was little...he doesn't care anymore...now i have to sneak away from Fee :) xx

  2. Love those shoes and all your outfits--esp. that Simplicity top. Isn't feeding kids a bother ? I'm so happy mine can make their own breakfasts now, because that's when I am at my worst.

  3. Cool shoes! :D
    Everyone makes their own breakfast in my house... but I get all the washing up to do! No sooner finished that and its lunchtime...

  4. Yay, ruffly blouse and sprinkle cake! I also like your Day 21 outfit, it looks very comfy. :) The shoes look great!

  5. I've been absent from blog world with study and don't know what MMJ is?? I do know I was looking at you in that top photo in your gorgeous bit of sunny garden feeling jealous. It's icy here. People don't generally think of Australia like that but it is - and still two months of it to go!!!!

  6. Lovely! Those shoes look great, and I think you achieved "subtle muted neutrals" quite beautifully =).

  7. Love the shoes!

  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments. I am loving these shoes too.