Tuesday, 14 June 2011

12th, 13th, 14th June

ON Saturday I wore my 2259 brown floral top but didn't get a photo. We spent most of the day in the woods with some friends and their new dog. He is from a rescue kennel and is thought to be a corgi crossed with a collie. Imagine that... he is corgi size but with a long sweepy tail.

12th June by Minnado
Sunday - Day 12 - so cold and raining all day. I hadn't expected to wear this tunic in June as it is a wool mix and usually for winter/autumn but I did. It is made from Amy Butler's Anna Tunic pattern with added patch pockets. I love wearing it as it is so comfy but I think (and hope) not too frumpy. There are still rain spatters down the front in this picture. Later on I did something so very stupid...I got a big blob of pva glue inthe middle of the front of the tunic.
Day 13 - I wore my me-made nautical t shirt from Sew U home Stretch but sorry no photo again. It was a busy day, in the morning I took Little I to the theatre to see the stage version of The Tiger who came to Tea
A great show to take little kids to, I recommend it if you get a chance.
Anyway, enough digression, back to me mades,

Day 14

Self drafted skirt from furnishing fabric with home made bias trim. Little I had grabbed it in this photo and was pulling the skirt at an awkward angle. There is a better picture of the skirt here

Verdict: A happy skirt but one that creases a lot and could do with either lining or a half slip underneath.

I have a glamorous day planned...no not really... I have to clean out our sand table as we forgot to put the lid on it and next door's cat has peed in the playsand. How nice is that? I hope you are doing something more fun with your day? Can anyone top cleaning neighbour's cat pee in the "howdidmylifecometothis" stakes?


  1. Love your skirt, that trim is so cute! I had an early morning today, I went to do a "healthy eating" school project with some fellow medstudents in a 3rd grade class. I had fun, so it definitely doesn't top cleaning out cat pee...

  2. Oh dear, well at least you looked cute while you were cleaning out the sand table! We had a neighbouring cat coming in during the night regularly at one point and "spraying" in my children's bathroom. I was going through disinfectant like never before... but thankfully it seems to have got bored with that and I haven't had to clean up any wee for a while now!

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  4. Maybe a new dog will add even more of those lovely moments to your life-- although nothing beats cat pee. Actually congrats on the doggie--I love mutts.
    The bias trim on your happy skirt is really awesome.