Saturday, 25 June 2011

Summer Essentials Sewalong Planning

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for several weeks. I thought I must post it or summer will be over.
I am behind in planning my summer essentials sew along. Though I have been planning away in my head. The list divides between those items I already have fabric and pattern for, and those which I only have patterns for and no fabric.

Sun dress:

I have already made this dress using Amy Butler's Anna Tunic pattern.

Tees, tunic and blouses:

I have a big gap for white tops in my wardrobe. I am half way through making a Simplicity 2259 top in white with a placket and box pleating.

I also plan a pinky-rust top with giant sunflowers on it from this cotton lawn bought on ebay.

Clamdiggers and co

I have some dark blue cotton and there is just enough for a pair of cropped trousers. I want to make something that will be versatile and go with my many patterned tops. As I already own it, I am using the Lisette for Simplicity 2259Portfolio trouser pattern. Just to see what it is like. ISweet and sassy skirts

I have made my pink pillowcase skirt but am also hoping to make a skirt from my duvet cover fabric pictured above. I have changed my mind many times about what skirt to sew. I was thinking of a reversible wrap skirt with green and white polka dots on the reverse. Then I found this skirt pdf pattern from Anna Maria Horner. Once I read through the instructions I realised I needed lining fabric. Obviously it is meant to be that I make this skirt as I then went into the local charity shop and found a large piece of green, white and navy stripey lining fabric! For £2.


Maybe because the weather isn't warm, but I keep wanting to have a loose-ish pullover top, maybe a hoodie, probably with pockets. I need to go on a fabric hunt for this. I was thinking of using a pattern from the Sew-U Home Stretch book.

Another dress: I have some that I really want to try out - the traveller dress by Lisette for Simplicity. I just don't have any fabric.

So that is:
white top - started

sunflower top - started
pair blue cropped trousers - started

pink scalloped skirt - completed

floral skirt - pattern and fabric

traveller dress - pattern only

sundress - completed

Cover-up Hoodie- no fabric

I could carry on planning fir ever, but am going to stop myself here. I am not sure if this is too much already.


  1. OOh, I know what you mean about plans for this SESA. I have made my list up, but realise that there's even more I could add to it! I'm liking your plan - & of course am very curious to see your 2599 with box pleat & placket!! Enjoy your sewing.x

  2. I can't tell you how much I love that pink scalloped skirt - look forward to a photo of you wearing it - maybe in Paris? :) Can't believe the hectic sewing schedule you've set yourself. Good luck!

  3. Ooooh! Liking your new fabric purchases! If you don't challenge yourself you'll never know what you're capable of and it doesn't matter if it's not all done in your time scale as at least you've tried and you know what's doable.

  4. It looks like you're doing very well with your challenge. :) Mid-challenge planning posts are a very sensible idea, I always have the biggest plans and usually do a lot less well with the following up. Maybe I should do a "how I'm doing" post, soon... I still love the scalloped skirt, the color is awesome! :)

  5. Great plan! Hope you are having a lovely weekend xx

  6. You have a fabulous and very achievable sewing plan set out! I think I need to get my sewing act together...
    I just love the colour scheme that is emerging here, the dark blue cropped pants will balance it all beautifully!
    I tried to go to the link for the traveller dress but it didn't seem to work for me