Saturday, 2 July 2011

MMJ at the end

Day 26: Amy Butler sundress from Anna tunic pattern
Day 27: Nautical skirt made using Built by Wendy Sew U book skirt block. Fabric from my mum's stash. I hardly ever wear this skirt, partly due to lack of suitable tops to go with it.

Day 28: Simplicity 2259, Tate denim skirt

Day 29: Self drafted skirt from tea cup upholstery fabric. My friend Emma's cast off t shirt.
Day 30:

Refashioned tunic from an old dress shirt of my dad's. It has great pintuck detailing at the front which unfortunately you can't see here! Believe me it is there. Me Made bag from a cushion cover and a belt.

So, Me Made June is over. I found this month a bit of a slog in terms of daily photos as I haven't been well for much of the month and some days it has been a case of smile for the camera, then go and lie down! Lots of other blogs have posted their thoughts and conclusions. I don't have many except:

1. I need a couple of plain tops, in white and in black. I was making a white 2259 top but have lost momentum on it. I am often don't wear my patterned skirts due to a lack of suitable tops to go with them.

2. I realised I don't like the look of myself in teeshirts. As in cotton stretch knits. This is strange as I always used to wear them so much - did they always look so bad I wonder? From the photos I would say they don't suit me. So this re-emphasises point number 1.

3. And I need to make a half slip ....I did make one last summer but lost it!

4. I have discovered some great new sewing blogs from other MMJ-ers. Always good to "meet" new people. Especially as in my real life I meet so few people interested in sewing.


  1. You have some great skirts! I love the teacups! :D

  2. Great outfits! Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Congrats on a successful MMJ! I like the plaid skirt with the red top a lot. :)

  4. Thank you for nice comments. :)

  5. Congrats on Me-Made-June! Great to see your outfits -- you always have such fun skirts. I'm finding that I don't like the same t-shirts I used to wear like a religion even just a year and a half ago (read: pre-sewing), but want to have some of the great drape and shape you can get in a blouse.

    Know I drop in on all your posts, still having trouble commenting on your blog from home! Sure it's my antiquated computer, boo :(