Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Do try this at home

Some kitchen sink type science. I found this here

All you need is:

white vinegar,

washing up liquid,

food colouring,

bicarbonate of soda.

See through containers/glasses are best and if you are as messy as us you need some newspaper. Half fill the glass with vinegar, add a few drops of washing up liquid and food colouring. Then get your little one to add a teaspoon of bicarb, and watch. This kept my eight year old and four year old amused for quite a while. I have been asked to go and buy more supplies today so they can do it again.


  1. Haha, great! Something to do in the school holidays!

  2. :D Chemistry - gotta love it!
    I think you can even make your own fizzy drinks if you use citric acid or ascorbic acid (Vit. C) instead of vinegar and add some sugar and/or flavored sirup...

  3. Fun! Have you ever tried doing this in a bottle and immediately putting a ballon over the bottle mouth right after you've added the bakign soda? It blows up the balloon really well! And then you can release the balloon, sending it zipping around the room, then repeat the experiment ad nauseum. :-)

  4. Oh, you have so much fun!!! I can remember something similar to make a volcano .... papier mache plus chemistry?

    By the way Blog finally on line now & slowly being rebuilt- my address is slightly different - taking the /wp off the end so that it is
    Hope you come & visit ? I've missed you x

  5. This does look like a fun idea, and the good news is that (if not for the food colouring) you can keep and re-use use this solution for cleaning afterwards!