Monday, 18 July 2011

Yay - finished objects or New/Old School Style

I have been sewing in small pockets of time for the last month, based on my Summer Essentials Sewalong Plan. And finally I have two finished objects to share. Yippeee - it is so nice to have actually been able to finish some things. I don't know what you will think but think both these items have a vintage air to them. Like many other Me-Made Month participants, I identified the need for plain tops in my me-made wardrobe. The top is Simplicity 2259 (again, sorry about that, really must try and find another pattern). It is made from some not-very nice white fabric I found in my bin bags stash. Seriously, it isn't very nice fabric, maybe it is some kind of cotton/poly blend but it is a little stiff and creases quite a lot. I would love to be able to make this top in a nice cotton lawn or cotton pique, but I am trying not to buy new fabrics and to use up the stash, so the not-very-nice fabric it is.

Lace detail

I started making the top back in May hoping to have it finished to wear in Me Made June but other things got in the way. First of all I made a peter pan collar to go on this but I made it wonky and the fabric was so thin it showed all the seams. So that went into the scrap bag. Then, I had a plan to make it with a small box pleat down the front. Then, when I rolled the neck edge and hemmed it, it looked a little clumsy so I covered it up with lace instead.

This was about the only white lace I had in my stash, most of the lace I have is creamy or coffee coloured. I have looked at this piece of lace for ages now (only about three years), wondering how to use it. I like it on this top, and think it gives it a bit of a retro look.
A view without cardigan

The skirt I made from a piece of fabric I also found in my bin bag stash. I love this fabric. It has a barkcloth texture and I am guessing it is 1960s or 50s. Despite washing and hanging out on the line over several days it still has a faint eau-de-musty to it. I kept the skirt really simple, just a rectangle with a casing and elastic for the waist because I was so reluctant to cut into this fabric! I also lined it with a very lightweight leaf patterned fabric a friend passed on to me. This may sound nice but really, believe me, the leaf pattern is old-lady blouse and not in a good way. It does make good lining fabric though.

I had hesitated over making the skirt because I liked the fabric so much. But I rationalised that it is better to give it a new lease of life than be stuck in a cupboard.

The only thing I spent money on in making these two items was the elastic and at some time I would have bought the thread. Plus two pieces of fabric rescued from being hidden away in the cupboard.


  1. I really like the lace detail on the top, glad the peter pan collar didn't work out as this really works! And those boats are amazing! I keep looking in charity shops for fabric patterned with something interesting like boats but no luck as yet.

  2. Yay for thrifty sewing! The print on the skirt really is cool and I love the lace detail on the blouse!

  3. That blouse is so retro and unique - I love it! Perfect "plain but not!" piece to pair with your lovely skirts =) ... and it layers so nicely under cardigans! And that skirt is to die for~! Funky yet simple and chic.

  4. Your skirt with that amazing ship print is just gorgeous! And even if you are not perfectly happy with the fabric you used for the top, I'm sure it will be a really useful and much worn top. it is so pretty with the lace! yay! for using up stash fabrics so beautifully!

  5. The both of them totally look so brilliant. Good ol' Simplicity 2599 - I agree, the colour will be so useful to you & with such a failsafe style, you'll get your wear out of it. But the boats. How much do I love the skirt? I know what you mean about cutting into it too much - it's such cool fabric. If you ever get used to it being "Minnado's skirt" as opposed to some uber cool retro boat fabric you may then allow yourself a more scary refashion - but it looks like it works at the moment. Envy.

  6. OMG - you are wearing a skirt like the one I just paid £30 for, except yours is barkcloth and vintagey and therefore infinitely cooler. Mutter mutter mutter. It's FAB! And you are.... mutter mutter mutter ;)

  7. I know how hard it can be to cut into a great piece of fabric, but that skirt is definitely worth it. Plus, if you ever get sick of it you still have a nice piece of fabric there !

  8. Thank you for the lovely comments. Roobeedoo - I loved your saltwater skirt, hope you will still talk to me after all the muttering!