Friday, 15 July 2011

A house in house - work in progress

Sometimes I wonder if I am doing things more for my benefit or for Little I's. We have started this ongoing project of making her a wendy house from a large cardboard box. Really it is more of a screen with the front and sides only. Placed in front of her toy kitchen it created a little house. She chose to paint the front pink and purple. She drew the window shapes and I cut them out with my craft knife. She then asked for flowers by the door. Next up, she has asked for a letter box. On sunday we wallpapered the inside of the house. On tuesday we hung a calendar. Next up? Some pictures for the walls.
Oh and some days I have to pass her meals in through the door (after knocking and announcing "It's the Food Lady" of course).
Back with a sewing post soon, I've just got a load of hemming to do. And it has been a busy time with school recently, I added up: two school music concerts, one open afternoon, one sports day, one art exhibition, one open morning. Phew....I will be as relieved as T when the term finishes next week.


  1. Too cute! And lovely wallpaper!! I think it will be the details that keep you going/ sane.
    I must say that when we made one (all those years ago) it was far more instant but we had lots of fun & some brilliantly quirky photos to remember by!!
    And being the Food Lady - yet another string to your bow!!

  2. I love it - What a fantastically creative and fun project for you both!!! I bet she'll remember this one when she's older and all the time you both spent. Wonderful!

  3. Thank you :) Scruffybadger the wallpaper was in the Laura Ashley clearance bin last year for £1.50! I bought it thinking of covering cupboard doors but never did that. Luna, I hope she does think of it when she's older and probably highly embarrassed by me!