Friday, 8 July 2011

Car Booty

Last sunday Little I and I went to a car boot sale held once a month in a very picturesque village near us. We got lots of bargains and if I had been on my own I would have got even more, but once Little I had bought a fairy doll with pink hair she was ready to leave. I haven't photoed the doll or the bag of school uniform I bought for Little Ibut here is the rest of my haul:

A fake leather bag, (£1) I am so fed up with carrying my things in a rucksack! I have plans to make a bag one day.
A light up globe (and it works)

A set of play scales with weights. T and I have wanted one of these for ages, so when the lady selling them said "£2" I was jumping up and down with glee inside.

Embroidery threads - how many lovely colours?

Yellow buttons

A danish dress for Little I (it's age 6 years so is a bit big for now, when I showed it to Mr Minnado he had a confused but nervous look on his face as he said "Is that for you?" . He was probably thinking "How am I going to tell her it is miles to small for her?")

More buttons. Little I dragged me past the lady selling odd zips and trimmings, the 1960s playing card sets, the stall full of coloured glassware, but maybe that is just as well as I would have spent all the grocery money quite happily.


  1. I'm so envious of your haul! Looks like a really good car boot sale! Those threads and buttons! *sigh*

  2. Nice haul ! The buttons are fabulous.

  3. What great finds. Very jealous! I've been to two brocantes this year - one was a real score, but the other was only so so. A monthly boot sale sounds like heaven. Is it always this good?

  4. A wonderful set of finds! You must have amazing carboot sales in the UK, nothing but rubbish here. I'm jealous!

  5. Sigrid, I love these buttons, not quite sure how to use them yet, though I do think the orange would look goood on a navy blue jacket.

    I should have added in my post that this is quite a posh village in a well heeled area! They hold the car boot only once a month to raise funds for the village hall and no traders are allowed. I think this all adds up to make it a car boot with some good quality stalls. Mommy en France , it is usually this good IF you go early. It opened at 7.30an and we went at 8.30. BY about 11.30 all the best stuff has gone. Carolyn, not all UK car boots are good,some are massive and you can spend ages searching. I honed in on this one because it's relatively small and I knew the village was in a well off area! Mimi, I am guessing Wales to Shropshire is too far to come for a 7.30am car boot? It's the first sunday each month if not! Not sure if it's on in August.

  6. Cute bag, and yay for the buttons and thread! The scale set looks really cute...

  7. Quite the haul! I love that scale set, no wonder you were inwardly jumping up and down =).

  8. I think I'd have to book into a B&B and that might take away all the money saving...hmmm...! :)