Monday, 4 July 2011

New Look 6907

Things that are probably not sensible to say to a four year old - at 8am on Sunday morning with a party due to start at 10.30am..." Yes, I will finish sewing your new dress for the party". Cue me in pyjamas and an hour of sewing, followed by trimming threads, pulling out the tacking. Finished with half an hour to spare!

I used New Look 6907, and mostly followed view A, the large photo. I didn't use contrast fabric for the lowest piece (because I had run out of scraps of the polka dot fabric) and used contrasting polka dot bias binding for the neck and pockets. I used some pink and white floral fabric that had come out of my mum's friend's collection. The pattern was really easy to put together. You bind the neck so there are no facings. I liked the sleeves with their slight puff-ness, they were a bit fiddly and I would recommend hemming them before inserting the sleeve.

You are supposed to put in a zipper at the back but I cheated and used snap fasteners. I traced and cut age four but it is a bit big around the neck and chest, although I am happy with the length - still at least it gives her room for growth.
Little I liked the pinkness and the pockets.

I don't often buy children's patterns but I liked the versatility and options that I get from this pattern. I was thinking the dress could also be made as a tunic to wear in the winter and I plan to make the shorts too.

The good thing about reckless promises to finish a dress and frantic finishing is that the dress which had languished half made for weeks is finally done and being worn. Oh and the other good thing was the gasp of delight that she gave when presented with the finished dress.

Sewing it up at the last minute brought back memories of last minute essay writing at uni. So, do you sew better under pressure, with deadlines, or in a relaxed way?


  1. It's adorable, I love the little polka dot pockets! :)

    I generally do better with a bit of pressure (you know, for studying, revising, finishing texts/essays and other kinds of work) but I've found out that sewing on a deadline doesn't work very well for me - at least with the slightly bigger projects. I neglect to take breaks and then I'm prone to mistakes - and seam ripping doesn't go well with deadlines... *g*

  2. Yes, I do seem to work better with deadlines too. It creates pressure though. Your little girls dress is soooo pretty. Worth it hey?

  3. Such a lovely dress! I don't sew well under pressure it just makes me stressed and i make more mistakes...but then if i don't have a deadline it takes me ages to finish things :/ xx

  4. I like that dress; especially the pockets! I am always amazed at how well stuff comes together if I have a party to go to. I can usually avoid seam ripping and mis-measuring and other such frustrating cock ups.

    I hope she wears it happily all summer and all winter too :)

  5. It is really adorable, Minnado! I love the polka dot neckline.
    I am better if i can devote time to a project... although I have managed to sew successful things under pressure, I prefer not! I like to enjoy the process, not stress out over it...

  6. Thank you for the lovely comments. Is it possible to ever go wrong with polka dot edgings?? Carolyn - you make a good point about enjoying the process, not the stress!