Wednesday, 8 June 2011

7th June and 8th June

Day 7:
Me Made Simplicity 2599 top, tate skirt - an outfit I am comfortable wearing. It got too cold by lunch time though and I had to swap my skirt for some trousers. The top is so nice to wear as it is made from some cotton lawn, really light and lovely, originally blogged here.
Verdict: I could wear this every day. (Though that could get boring and a bit smelly) I find it almost impossible to be sad in this top.

Day 8:

I am trying to wear some of my unworn me-mades that languish in the back of the wardrobe. Me Made stripey vest blogged here and refashioned denim dress. Scarf made by my mum about ten years ago. I have never worn this dress. I bought it last summer in a charity shop and shortened it and made patch pockets for the front. Every time I try it on I am worried the poppers will pop open as I wear it. It is so cold that I put jeans and boots on underneath. But that may change if I get warmed up!

Verdict: The vest is a great staple, especially for wearing underneath other items. The denim dress? Unsure, ask me later.


  1. Yay again for Simplicity 2599! Very much like your denim ensemble with stripes peeping out. Nice dress!

  2. I love your denim dress with your stripey vest! xx

  3. Hello! I'm at another computer so I can actually comment! Wonderful watching your me-made adventures :)

  4. hi there! i love the dress - and it looks great with the stripes loving the whole 'me-made' thing... loving watching from a distance that is...maybe i will join in one month...!!!

  5. Such a cute little top! It's wonderful to have a top that makes you feel happy, simply by putting it on :)
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog...