Friday, 17 June 2011

More MMJ and a sneak peek

A sneek peak at what is on the ironing board, in-progress today. For once it is not a Simplicity 2259.

Now, Me Made June, and I have more updates - does anyone read these? I hope so. I have come across comments on other blogs complaining that MMJ posts are boring and filling up blogs. What do you think?

Day 15 - Me Made tate skirt, me made Simplicity 2599 top. Both these have been worn before this month but not together. I like how these me-made months make me think about how to combine my me-mades in different ways. A great outfit for me as it is practical and easy to move around in, the skirt has big roomy pockets.

Day 16 - Portfolio dress - Sew Lisette for Simplicity 2245

Such a comfortable dress. I can see myself wearing this in the winter too with boots and tights.
Day 17
The mini challenge today was a photo with a loved one, so here we are in our florals.
Me - Simplicity 3835 made from a curtain I found in a charity shop.

Little I in Simplicity 8495 also found in a charity shop. The fabric was a piece of cotton lawn bought from an old lady at a church fete. (A rare occurance to find fabric at a church fete!) I graded the pattern top make it bigger for her. I love this pattern and keep meaning to make more versions of it.


  1. Great outfits! I love your photo with Little I in your florals. I really enjoy seeing MMJ photos, though i'm not taking part this month i find them very inspirational. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  2. I always read your me-made posts! I am taking part too for the first time. I've found it's put me under a bit of pressure to sew more garments up lickety split so I don't have to wear the same things again and again, but it's good to have some motivation I suppose, and always good to add to my hand-made wardrobe! Looking forward to seeing the sneak peek when it's done!

  3. I like the MMJ posts. But then again, I'm unbelievably nosy and think it's interesting to get a peek into other people's lives... :) Cute florals and I love Little 1's face in the pic!

  4. I love all your flowery prints. And every time you post that Portfolio Dress, I get start wanting to make one too.

  5. As I'm taking part in MMJ too I love seeing what everyone else is making and wearing as sometimes miss things in the flickr group as there's so much to see! Also there's so little space to put anything of worth in the comments box under the photo it's nice to get a bit more info on the person's blog as then I'll know if I just like it if it's pretty or if it'll be something I want to make.

    Loving the florals and am intrigued as to whether the sneak peak will be a dress or a top or will it be a lovely big circle skirt? Exciting! :)

  6. Yay! A denim Portfolio! I am halfway through making one of these. Your one looks fab!

  7. Love the floral fabric, very pretty! Personally, I don´t write MMJ updates this time around, but that has more to do with me not having the time to write them than anything else. I love reading about what people wear and do!