Friday, 25 February 2011

Thrifty fabric

Barkcloth with a nautical pattern - love this.

I am back in the land of the internet-connected...phew...Devon was kind of hard work, with two kids, rain and Little I deciding to behave in that way only a three and half year old can.

Anyway, I have noticed a strange thing recently...since I stopped buying new clothes and cut back on other purchases, I have been given things...quite a lot of things. Is this some kind of karma? Or am I just becoming known as a repository for other peoples' cast-offs and rejects? By the way I am still waiting for someone to give me some new shoes, a an i-pad and a new phone (just joking). Anyway while in Devon I was given a very huge gift....or set of gifts...old fabric! Yay.
Check out these beautiful homemade dresses. The black print has cigarettes on it which shows its era. This lady was very petite and the dresses must be a UK size 6. I am in love with both dresses but don't think I can squeeze into them. Would it be sacriligous to make the dark print into a skirt?? The satin dress has lovely scalloped detailing bewlow the bust.

A quilting friend of my mum's had passed away last year and a while ago her son gave my mum about five bin bags of her fabrics. Last sunday I sorted through them...the lady used to make clothes got into patchwork and quilting so there was a huge assortment from fat quarters of quilting fabrics to tweed, and some of her old home made dresses. I sorted four bags for me to bring home...and then my mum's quilting group took a load for a charity sale.

Super cute bambi cotton flannelette

These photos are just part of what I hauled back. More to follow, there are lots of small pieces of lovely fabrics which I plan to use as pocket linings or facings. Lots of heavier weight fabric for bag making and even some liberty cotton for a dress. It all smells a bit fusty - what a shame you cannot do smellinternet)and is waiting to be washed and aired. Iam going to scrabble thorough to see if I can find any fabric to use as my lining for the U.P. dress project.


  1. Ohh exciting ! If you really love the fabric on the dresses, I think you should re-use it for yourself.

  2. Welcome back! What a haul! And how brilliant! I seem to remember you come back from Devon usually laden with goodies (great reason for going!!) Can't wait to see what you make - I agree with Sigrid - make some things for you (especially the fabric with fags on - perhaps not best for a child's dress??!!) My favorite is the sailing ships barkcloth.

  3. I think it is true that once people realise you are a thrifty make and do and mend kind of person they heave a sigh of relief and pass things on to you which they feel guilty for not doing anything with!

    The fag one would make a great summer skirt and is that bit of cool paisley up there too?

  4. Gorgeous fabric...I love the dresses! xx

  5. wow, what gorgeous finds, those dresses are amazing. The boat printed fabric is fantastic too.

  6. Whoa - you lucky woman! especially that brocade dress! there must be a way of making it into something that would fit..?

  7. I love the sailing boats fabric too. I yes, Parasombra that is a bit of paisley - Iit is a silky type lining fabric. I am not too sure about the brocade dress and what to do with it - I think it is too well sewn to cut up. I don't think any amount of steamed veg and brown rice diet would get me into it!