Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Ottobre magazine

Totally irrelevent cake picture, I just wanted to share virtually if not in real life! New Year's Day - friends came over to play and to eat cake and party food. I love making and eating party food. Yum, yum. Now back to sewing business....

I bought myself a christmas present - a two issue subscription to Ottobre magazine. (Cost 12.50 euros) What a treat when it arrived just before Christmas - it has several patterns for using knit fabrics which I hope to try out to expand my sewing knits experience. Plus it has some sportswear patterns (bottom row of the pictures, vest, hoodie and cropped trousers) - a big gap in my homemade wardrobe is exercise clothes. I used to do a lot of exercise before children and after I had one baby only. I went back to the gym last year and found my old sportswear kind of pitiful and a bit holey (that was the stuff that still fitted, my days of cropped gym vests are so over). I am hoping (if the babysitting works out) to join a free women's running group soon as I cannot afford the gym and I do get bored in there. So sewing sportwear is on my to-do list.

I did have a feverish moment on the sunday before Christmas, and I decided to cut out and make the wrap/scarf featured on the cover. I am always a sucker for easy quick patterns.

You are supposed to be able to wear it a multitude of ways but somehow on me I just look like I am wearing an odd piece of material. Closer inspection (and a quick visit to the Ottobre blog) showed the cover model is wearing two wraps over a matching longsleeved t shirt, thus creating the look of a draping top. I think it takes a certain kind of talent and stylishness to wear this as a top/ shawl. These are qualities I do not possess..
And so, I found I like wearing it best as a scarf, it is really light weight and good for warmer days. The light today is awful, really dull so I will try and get a better photo if and when it brightens up.
I am planning a giveaway soon, I just need to check the quality of the proposed items....


  1. Yay! Sportswear & running! I must admit my attention was pricked when you mentioned lots of knit patterns in the Ottobre magazine. Can't wait to see what you make. (And I giggled at your reference to crop tops - giving away that I have also been there!!)

  2. I can try and get to post bigger images of the knit patterns if you like, just need a brighter day - there are 4 tops but two of them are variations on the same pattern. One is jersey knit with a woven trim which is an appealing idea to me. There is also a knit tunic dress similar to some I have seen in White Stuff (it's at the end of the top row).

  3. I ogle Ottobre magazine every time a new one comes out but have only ever bought one. The one I have has a great girls trouser pattern in it which I have used five times for my dd and she loves each pair I make because they are cut so well. I have been tempted by the Woman collections but I have a drawer full of patterns I should sew up or get rid of before I go accumulating more!

    I also love the Simplicity 3835 you have sewn but am dithering over buying it now as it is OOP and a bit expensive.