Sunday, 30 January 2011

Nora refashion

Stupidly I have lost my "before" photo of this t shirt. It was a long sleeve
v-neck with a brown ribbon trim with buttons on it. I took off the trim and made the yoke using the Nora pattern from Ottobre Autumn 2010 blogged about here. I used one of Mr Minnado's worn out t-shirts for the yoke and added three buttons from the button box.
I am thinking this yoke would also look good on a jersey dress...also a striped yoke on a black or navy top for a nautical feel...the possibilities are endless.


  1. I do love a good yoke! This and your other nora are looking great.

  2. It's so cool when you find a pattern piece that is so useful elsewhere. I just one so far: a pocket pattern from Ottobre which I've added to a number of things for the girls.

  3. I love variations on a sewing theme. I think it would be a great dress.

  4. Wow - you are very clever - I wish I could refashion my clothes, it's such a great green idea. (A blog you might like is sew.freyed.blogspot - she does the same thing.)
    BTW I really like your new look blog :)

  5. Thanks guys - for lovely comments. Clare, I love a good yoke too and has to restrain myself from too much punning in these posts.
    Glad you like the new header Luna, canyou tell I have just discovered the collage function? Sigrid I agree this would be a great dress, I am thinking combining Nora top and a built by wendy jersey pattern. Parasombra, yes, I love to discover a useful and re-suable pattern piece.