Thursday, 13 January 2011

My First Sewing Book (for ScruffyBadger)

Okay so when I say I will do something, it may take me several months, but I will do it. Back in September I posted about this book - My First Sewing Book- which I found at a National Trust second bookshop for the grand sum of not many pence. Scruffy Badger recognised it as a book from her childhood, perhaps even her First sewing book? I said I would post better, bigger images from it. so here they are. Don't get too nostalgic Ms Badger. I love the illustrations and the ideas divide between making things like a pencil case and a knitting needle tidy to making clothes and even some sandals. Yes, make your own shoes. Do you think anyone did? I am ever so tempted to try it out this summer.


  1. O my word! I am too excited to control myself, so forgive me if this comes out even more nonsensical than normal! I love the pictures - there's something very comforting about them. I used to pore through this book & actually made a few things as I remember, starting with help from my Mum (eg pencil case, & yes, those sandals!! We used some kind of cork insole for the sole & I remember the stinky glue too). My greatest pride was sewing a surprise Christmas present - a knitting needle case - for my Mum. Once I finished it, I didn't wrap it immediately, I'd take it out each night at bedtime & swoon over my nice neat rows of machining creating lines of slim pockets. It may not surprise you to know though, that it was the clothing that I always hankered after- including that "Bob" cap, sun tops & skirts ... I think I was for some reason always only looking - no idea what stopped me making them? THANK YOU DEBBIE!!!! YOu've made my week! xxxx

  2. This is so fun.There is nothing like a craft book to capture an era. I remember my mom making me and my sister clothes like those.

  3. Scruffybadger, your comment made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that - it cheered me up in a week with lots of little things going wrong.
    Sigird, you are so right about craft books capturing the feel of an era.