Saturday, 1 January 2011

Presents, and Happy New Year

Our newest family member, saved from the cooking pot, is Big Boy Chicken (named by Little I). He is definitelly an Alpha male and enjoying himself with his harem of five ladies.
Our house build in the snow last week. Hopefully we will be in there in 2011!

Having been assiduous about buying second hand all year I let that go in December and bought the children brand new presents. We have had some bad luck with buying battery operated toys second hand. Of course I had to find them at bargain prices! Little I received a music set - here she is with the keyboard. T received a remote control plane. I cannot say how great it is - we have all been enjoying having a go with it and marvelling like a bunch of people who have never seen radio controlled or battery operated toys before. Even Little I managed to fly it.
Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you too! Glad that your family Christmas was special. Fancy having chickens (& now a Mr) - what joy - v jealous!! Good luck with your house this year ... looking forward to seeing more updates as it progresses. And thank you for asking, yes, the snow didn't stop us getting away for Xmas in search of more snow! Lucky all round :-)

  2. I usually try to thrift stuff stuff too, so buying a giant new toy for my youngest son for Christmas was so EXCITING! It was a unplanned benefit of buying second hand most of the time.