Friday, 14 January 2011

Giveaway - sewing magazines

Okay so here it first giveaway. I thought I never win on giveaways but then I got lucky and won the shoes giveaway by the very lovely Ali.
Then, yesterday morning the postman delivered a mysterious box with no letter inside or return address. When we opened it T and I found it was full of clothes....after a few texts were sent I discovered they were from a very lovely friend who was having a clear out.
I was relieved as I had started to worry I had a clothing stalker. So with all these new-to-me gifts I feel I am due to make a giveaway myself.

I have been sorting out my sewing supplies and have a couple of sewing magazines up for grabs. I am not going to use them so would like them to go out there to good homes where they can be properly appreciated.

I will send them out separately and am happy to post them whereever in the world.

Above is Sew magazine from summer 2010. It comes with the unopened pattern envelope to make the halter neck dress, either a maxi style or kneee length, plus a little cotton knit shrug, Amy Butler baby hats, Alice inwonderland inspired embroidery, and lots of other projects, even a little patchwork in there. I bought it when overwhelmed in the supermarket last summer but it just isn't my taste. I am sure another sewer out there can do great things with these patterms.

Then I also have Burda Magazine from Summer 2010 on offer.

The Burda patterns are unused, the magazine just has some wear and tear on the spine.

It has summer clothes and also maternity and childrenswear in this issue. I esepcially love the little girl dress patterns in here but I have a little girl who doesn't like to wear dresses.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment by Wednesday 19th January telling me which magazine you would prefer and perhaps why (I am just a nosey parker) and if you do not have a link set up in your comments to a blog or email, then please add your email address to the comment. Good luck. Oh and keep reading, I feel another giveaway may be due next month with my increased clearouts...


  1. I would love to enter please for the Burda magazine, i really want to make some more skirts and noticed them on the photo. Hope you are having a great weekend xxx

  2. ~sew home style~ ooooooooh that chair on the front makes me think of the chair i have in our dining room that needs recovering.....and the lovely wind-breaks(!)....reminds me about the fact that i was going to make some of these last summer....i would love to give this magazine a new home....
    love Caroline

  3. Hiya! I would love to have the Burda magazine so I could make the little girl's dresses for my own girl and for my friend's daughter too! Also I have no maternity-wear sewing patterns and sooner or later we may be adding to the Tweedie family, so that would all be really useful. AND, the regular patterns are great too! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway! Tabatha x PS. My email is

  4. Ah! Burda! I'm a wee bit obsessed with this magazine and have yet to get my hands on one. As to why, I think Burda sizing fits me much better and I love the photographs I see on their website, and how they come as part of a collection of patterns with the same theme. Swoon...

    (Shipping woes! Shoes to you manana, I promise;)

  5. Hello Debbie! I'm leaving a comment to prove (to myself) that I can resist as I have already many patterns ... in line with my New Year resolutions (Bit cheating though as I already have the Sew mag!) Good luck!