Monday, 10 January 2011

More from Ottobre

First up before Ottobre, my work in progress, my shirt, I went a bit wrong this morning putting on the collar stand so it is due to be unpicked and redone. The colour in this photo is not very accurate it is a deeper browny red.
Now, back to the post subject, I wanted to show in more detail some of the patterns I am thinking of sewing from Ottobre. I think I could get a lot of use out of these patterns if I can get to grips with them. Firstly, I need to work out which of my fabrics in my stash would fit for the patterns. I am limited to only buying a small amount of fabrics new this year. I do think these patterns would give me some good basic wardrobe staples and would be worth a bit of new fabric. I have a weakness for peacoat style jackets. I would love this in red with white top stitching and buttons, or navy fabric and red detailing.... BUT I have no suitable fabric already in the stash so have to think about it. Also a big I brave enough?

Next up...jersey tops:

I like the use of a woven fabric here to edge the neck, but I would probably make the cuffs plainer as I would just get that style of cuff wet and dirty very quickly. Maybe take the cuffs from Susie and give them to Bessie? (Would Bessie be very offended?)

I like the use of women with a range of body shapes and ages as models. It is refreshing to see "real" women showing the clothes.

I think I would like to make this Nora top. Probably without the roses. The yoked neck appeals to me as I always struggle with my neck edging on t-shirts. This gives me a good alternative to the neck band.

Sports capri trousers. They would be useful but the idea of making them doesn't seem very exciting.

I would like these in navy or black, maybe with some red topstitching for Spring and Summer.

I have a piece of grey cotton jersey that I can use to make a top, just got to choose...Nora or Bessie??


  1. There are some really nice wearable designs here. I've never even been curious about Ottobre but now might have to take a look. I love the shape of the coat and your ideas for it. I got navy melton on ebay for about £5 a metre last year. I'm not keen on buying without seeing / touching the fabric but I was really pleased with the wool in the end.

  2. I like your ruffled button band! Enticing!
    I can also see your dilemma - both tops are sweet & shown in a similar fabric to what you already have. Do either of the styles present a new challenge/ technique that you want to practice? When you close your eyes & think of your grey fabric on you, what kind of style is it - a more flowing tunic or a tighter fitting sweater?

  3. I think Nora is a more unusual design with the scoop; Bessie and Susie are everywhere. I must confess here though that I am a 34AAA and Bessie and Susie wouldn't suit my chest!

  4. Clare, the navy melton sounds nice, have you used it yet? I am like you and find it hard to buy fabric without touching it first.
    Scruffy badger I never thought of shutting my eyes and imagining the fabric on me! The Nora top is graded as the easier one to do by the magazine and I think it could be more versatile. I am uncertain about that line uder my chest with the Bessie one. Parasombre, I think I agree with you about Nora being more unusual....I must go and find some tracing paper.

  5. Run with that sewing itch! If you can't find tracing paper, clear plastic is a good substitute and is less prone to tearing.

  6. hello again, yes, I made this jacket
    which still gets quite a bit of wear now I changed the poppers to proper buttons.

  7. Love the jersey tops and the coat would be gorgeous in red! xx

  8. Hi Debbie,

    I've been meaning to message you for a while now. First up, I wanted to apologise for not getting over to your blog as often as I'd like. I don't have as much time to spend online as I used to, and most of that gets eaten up by research and writing my own blog. But I really do appreciate your comments and thoughts when you share them with me.

    I also really wanted to tell you how much I respect the way you are raising your kids in terms of consumption, for what little my opinion's worth. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to try and steer children out of the path of alluring advertising and bright shiny new products and toys, when marketing and parents-in-law etc. have their sights firmly set on the very opposite. I'm taking note of your approach and can see myself following very similar tactics when I have some kids of my own one day.

    Wishing you all the best with your new years endeavours. These patterns you have selected look like fantastic basics that will serve you well for a good few years. I agree, it is lovely to see a variety of women modelling in that magazine. At first I did a bit of a double take, wondering where you found those images. I guess that shows how unusual such imagery currently is. I hope it's not like that when your kids are older!

    take care
    Zoe xxx

  9. I really love that Nora pattern and agree it's great to see the patterns modeled on some "real" women.