Wednesday, 9 March 2011

9th March, excuse the mess

Yes, I must tidy up the craft cupboard, things are tumbling out of it.
Me made top Simplicity 3835. Me Made trousers from Sew U book.
Little I has a friend coming to play this morning so time for a quick tidy. The friend has a baby brother so I have been dragging out some baby toys and hiding the playmobil, small lego etc. The blue knitted thing in my hand is actually a knitted whale made by a friend for Little I when she was a baby. I made this top last year using Simplicity 3835 and some fabric from the charity shop. I think it was sheets or possibly curtains. I am not sure if I like the top or not, though it is very comfortable to wear. It is just a bit too patterned for me. But that is one of the things I like about doing these MeMade months - it makes me get out the things I don't often wear and try them out again.
I want to tidy the craft cupboard in the top picture and do a post about it. Both cupboards there came out of a skip at a school. They are really good quality wooden cupboards. I just don't understand why they were being thown out. One day I will round to tidying them up. The little school chairs in the photo were given to us on freecycle when a local infant school replaced all its chairs. Bonkers thinking on behalf of school budgets, but benefit to me (that's BTOBSBBBM if you want a Sigrid-style acronym for the day).


  1. Hey I REALLY like the top, plus it suits you too! Well done for all that scavenged furniture - such cute little chairs.
    PS craft cupboards are rarely contained in my experience...good luck though!

  2. I love the top. And craft cupboards always untidy themselves immediately after you tidy them. Fact.

  3. You look great in that outfit- and even sort of match the color of the room. I envy you your BTOBSBBBM cupboards and chairs--especially that sweet little red one.

    My son's craft drawers keep overflowing, and now he has taken to keeping his supplies in a suitcase in the middle of the living room. Arggh.

  4. I love this top and your trousers and they look great together xx

  5. I agree, a lovely combination!

  6. Thanks for comments. I spray painted that red chair. I was very proud of myself as It looks sooo much better. I just need to paint the remaining three chairs. And the legs need a paint too. We are very indecisive about what colours to use. The grey chair is painted with undercoat. Sigrid, Craft suitcase in middle of living room? He sounds like my son. Luna,
    Coffee lady, yes you are right about craft cupboards, I thin I have been looking at those "stylish home" blogs too much again, with pristine craft cupboards, I am addicted to looking at them!

  7. I too think this outfit looks great- those trousers really are brilliant- sets the top off perfectly